Hola!I am a master student studying data science at NYU Courant. I am interested in deploying machine learning and statistical knowledge to study various brain functions, and to empower individuals/organizations make better decisions.

This summer, I interned at Martinos Center of Biomedical imaging under the supervisation of Dr.Jingyuan Chen. We are analyzing Big fMRI data to understand 1. physiological networks in aging population and 2. white matter tracts activation.

Before that, I obtained my B.S. in Neuroscience from NYU, investigating neurotransmitter's impact on social behavior at Lin's lab at NYU langone and Pair-Associative Learning at Zhou's lab Shanghai Tech University. Coming from a multidisplinary background, I enjoy bridging the ideas from different domains and able to adapt/rapidly learn new technology/skills.

My Portfolio

Data Visualization journal


Visualizing the encounters of Killer Whales

As a huge lover of orcas, I wish to explore the best location to observe a killer whale, and to understand the trend of killer whale observations over years and seasonality and accross different country.


Recreating Plants Vs Zomvies using Python and Processing3

Click here to download and play Plants Vs Zombies recreated by me and my teammate.


XGboosting in predicting delivery date for large-scale ecommerce dataset 

I ranked #8 at the 2021 Ebay machine learning competition. In this notebook, I preprocessed and cleaned the data, performed EDA and feature engineering, trained and validated a XGboosting model for predicting the final delivery date. Click here to explore the notebook yourself.    


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